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Demonstrate digital literacy unit of competency covers the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to effectively use computer and other PCs, digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop. It entails identifying and using digital devices for purposes of communication, work performance and management at the work place. Digital literacy is significant to TVET level 6 curriculum due to the critical role that technology plays in societal and industrial growth. Digital literacy has also gained recognition as a valuable tool for lifelong learning and collaboration in this global village.
Course image Communication Skills

Communication Skills/demonstrate communication skills covers the competencies required in meeting communication needs of clients and colleagues as well as developing, establishing, maintaining communication pathways and strategies. It also covers competencies for conducting interviews, facilitating group discussions and representing the organization in various forums. The significance of communication skills to TVET level 6 qualification is to enable learners get along well and avoid conflict in workplaces and organizations.

Course image Diploma in Information Technology Module II

Diploma in Information Technology Module II.

The Diploma course in Information Technology (DIT) is intended to provide students with a wide range of technical and technological skills required by industry at the diploma level. This combinational of theoretical and practical skills will help the learners apply the current information technology tools in both public and private sectors of our economy.

Course image Entrepreneurship for Diploma Students

This is a common unit for Diploma students that is intended to equip the trainee with necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will enable him/her to plan, start, operate and manage a personal, group, private or public enterprise effectively.  It is also intended to instil in the trainee the drive necessary to venture into profit making activities.